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Back to School Means Back to the Chiropractor!

Back to School Means Back to the Chiropractor!

It's back to school time in Anchorage! For many children in AK, back-to-school is an excellent time to visit the chiropractor. Children face a tremendous amount of stress in school. Not only do they have the academic stress, but they also face the risk of injury on the sports field and the weight of their backpacks at the end of the day. Chiropractic care can be invaluable during back-to-school season, as parents try to give their children the best possible start to the school year.

Chiropractic Care Improves Attention

Many parents are surprised to learn that visiting the chiropractor can actually help improve attention. In fact, spinal manipulation was found to help children with medically diagnosed ADHD in a study catalogued on Even children without attention issues will be able to focus better when the neurological system is working as it should.

Chiropractic Care Protects from School Stresses

Have you picked up your child's backpack recently? Most kids are carrying a significant amount of weight on their backs, and that puts stress on the spine and neck, pulling it out of alignment. Routine adjustments can protect from the discomfort this causes. 

Backpack stress is just one type of stress your child faces. The pressure to perform well and the demands on a busy school schedule create emotional stress as well. Chiropractic care helps individuals, including children, manage stress more effectively.

Chiropractic Care Can Help Improve Injury Recovery

Finally, children who are in school face more potential for injury. From the soccer field to P.E. class, opportunities to create subluxations are abundant. Our Anchorage, AK chiropractic team can help improve your child's overall wellness and encourage a faster recovery if an accident or injury occurs. Call 907-646-2225 to schedule an appointment for your child today!

Have you used chiropractic care for your children during the back-to-school season? Did you notice changes in their academic performance or attention?

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