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FAQ: Auto Accident Injuries

Answers to Frequently Asked Anchorage Auto Accident Injury Questions

Auto accident injuries and their effects are not always as straightforward as you might think. An injury to one part of the body can sometimes be felt in a different part of the body, while an injury you never realized you had can start tormenting you without warning far in the future. To help you get a better understanding of your own auto accident injury, here are some answers to frequently asked questions on the subject, courtesy of True Life Chiropractic in Anchorage:

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  • Do I have whiplash? If you're experiencing neck pain/stiffness, pain or tingling in your upper extremities, headaches, blurred vision and tinnitus, you may indeed have whiplash. Whiplash occurs when a sudden stop throws the head backward and forward with enough force to throw cervical joints and discs out of alignment, while also straining the neck muscles.
  • Why do I have concussion symptoms if I didn't hit my head? A concussion can happen whenever the brain bumps against the interior of the skull, regardless of whether you hit your head on the dashboard. The same forces that cause whiplash can also produce a concussion.
  • Why are my leg and foot hurting if they weren't damaged in the accident? If your lower back was jolted by the auto accident, you may have a subluxation and/or herniated disc in your lumbar region. This can cause impingement of the sciatic nerve, or sciatica. Sciatica commonly causes leg and foot symptoms.
  • How could my seat belt contribute to my back pain? A typical three-point seat beat restrains one shoulder but not the other. This allows one side of your body to get thrown around while other side remains still, twisting the spine and potentially causing joint, disc and soft tissue damage in your upper or middle back.
  • How soon should I see a chiropractor? Schedule an evaluation with our Anchorage chiropractor ASAP following an auto accident, whether you think you're hurt or not. Some injuries can grow steadily worse for quite some time before announcing themselves with pain and other symptoms -- and the longer an injury goes untreated, the more severe and complicated it can become.
  • What can your Anchorage chiropractor do to relieve my symptoms? Chiropractic adjustment can undo a spinal misalignment caused by the accident. These adjustments restore the joints' natural mobility and correct the position of herniated discs, relieving pinched nerve symptoms.
  • What other treatments might I need beyond chiropractic adjustment? We frequently recommend massage therapy to help strained muscles and other soft tissues heal more rapidly and with less pain. Physical therapy in the form of stretches and strength-building exercises are also helpful for getting your body back into good working order.

Still Have Questions? Ask Our Anchorage Chiropractor

Whether you have additional questions about auto accident injuries or you just need to get a possible injury evaluated, you'll find your answers here at True Life Chiropractic. Call 907-646-2225 to schedule an appointment with our Anchorage chiropractor!

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