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Back Pain FAQs

If you think surgery or prescription drugs are your only choices for back pain relief, think again. Back pain relief is possible through chiropractic care. An evaluation by your Anchorage chiropractor can help uncover the source of your pain so you can get the help you need. These FAQs from True Life Chiropractic provide greater insight into back pain causes, symptoms and treatment.

back pain

What causes back pain?

Back pain can be acute or chronic. Acute back pain can be caused by strained muscles, high impact trauma or spinal injuries due to auto, sports or workplace accidents. Accidents can dislodge vertebra or joints in your spine, causing back pain and stiffness. A herniated disc could compress spinal nerves, resulting in sharp lower back and leg pain. Heavy lifting can cause painful muscle tears. 

Chronic back and shoulder pain can occur when you perform repetitive motions that strain your muscles. Degenerative changes in your discs or joints can also lead to chronic pain along with loss of flexibility and mobility.

What are some common symptoms of back injuries and conditions?

Pain is the main symptom of back issues. You may feel a sudden, sharp pain in a certain part of your back or a dull pain that extends down your hips and buttock. Strained muscles can cause acute, localized pain. Sciatica pain starts in your lower back and extends down your hips and leg.

Back pain can make it difficult to stand up straight or to stand for long periods of time. You may experience muscle spasms along with your pain. Some people find it painful to sit for extended periods of time due to pressure on spinal discs. Your pain may be worse in the morning and fade as the day wears on after you’ve had a chance to move about. You can experience pain in your upper, middle or lower back.

What can a chiropractor do to alleviate back pain?

Your Anchorage chiropractor will start with a comprehensive evaluation of your condition to determine the source of your pain and see if you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care. If you are, we’ll create a customized treatment plan to suit your healthcare needs.

Spinal adjustments are at the core of many of our treatments as they are a natural, non-invasive means of dealing with back pain. Adjustments correct spinal misalignments that are causing pain, inflammation, and loss of mobility. Balancing your system will help your body heal. Chiropractic adjustments combined with massage therapy and corrective exercises can help expedite your healing.

See Your Anchorage Chiropractor for Back and Shoulder Pain

To schedule an evaluation for chiropractic back pain treatment, contact True Life Chiropractic in Anchorage at 907-646-2225 today.

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