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The Many Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care with Your Anchorage Chiropractor

As both a father and a prenatal chiropractor, Dr M. Michael Michaud knows that pregnant women may be concerned about pressure applied during chiropractic care, but they need not worry here at True Life Chiropractic. His treatments are tailored to be gentle yet highly effective at relieving pain, using only the most conservative state of the art chiropractic techniques.

Why Seek Chiropractic Care When You Are Pregnant?

chiropractic care during pregnancy

Although pregnancy can be one of the most joyful periods of a woman's life, it can also be one of the most uncomfortable times as well. it brings with it a cornucopia of aches and pains, many of them along the spine where the back muscles begin to feel like tightly braided hair due to the increased load they are being asked to support. And to make matters worse, their obstetrician, as she should, has ruled out any pain relief medication other than the occasional Tylenol. Prenatal care can offer a safe and supportive guiding hand to the mother-to-be, an effective treatment plan to not only manage pain, but prepare her body for a safe, natural delivery.

During these nine months, not only does the center of gravity make a fifty percent downward shift, but a hormone called relaxin is released into the bloodstream, softening ligaments that hold joints together. As a result, the bones in the pelvic area begin to move apart in gradual preparation for the day of birth. This added pressure, as the fetus continues to grow, can compress the sciatic nerve resulting in a pain radiating through the lower back, especially in the third trimester, making it painful to move and, at times, impossible to sleep. Our type of chiropractic adjustment acknowledges this shift while tailoring customized care to relieve the mother's pain.

In addition to its pain and discomfort relieving benefits, our prenatal chiropractor's state of the art, developed specifically for pregnancy, aims at maintaining pelvic proper pelvic and spinal alignment. Since these adjustments can also serve to shift the orientation of the fetus, it may position the baby for a natural birth, and rule out the possibility of a breech birth or the need for a caesarian section.

Dr Michaud understands all these changes a pregnant patient's body goes through during pregnancy and its transformational shift to accommodate the growing fetus in the uterus, so he tailors his prenatal care to protect the health of both mother and child. To this end, he strictly adheres to established guidelines concerning prenatal pain relief such as never submitting her to X-rays. His patients appreciate how he is there throughout their pregnancy, willing to lend an understanding ear to any fears and concerns they express.

If you would like to learn more about our approach to prenatal care and our family-run chiropractor's office, give us a call at 907-646-2225. Our friendly, welcoming staff is highly knowledgeable about all the latest prenatal chiropractic healthcare updates.

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