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Treating Personal Injuries with True Life Chiropractic

Treating Personal Injuries with True Life Chiropracticat true life chiropractic we treat different types of personal injury through chiropractic care in Anchorage, AK

Our chiropractor in Anchorage understands the pain and discomfort that come from a personal injury. Our experienced health team offers a variety of services and techniques for treating personal injuries with True Life Chiropractic. Whether your personal injury is the result of a slip and fall, automobile accident, work-site injury or sports injury, Dr. Michael Michaud evaluates your condition and sets a personalized chiropractic recovery plan to treat your injury. Our True Life Chiropractic staff may use spinal screenings and x-rays to determine the extent of your injury. We look for the cause of your pain and then prepare your healing plan. If your personal injury is the result of years of poor posture or unstable work stations, we provide solutions to repair and strengthen your body. 

Chiropractic Solutions for Personal injuries

Dr. Michaud believes in the power of the body to heal the body. This power originates in a healthy and stable spinal posture. Chiropractic solutions for personal injuries include gentle manipulations of the vertebrae to position your spine in the best alignment. Our chiropractor aligns your back and neck so that your nerves are free from unnecessary pressure contributing to your pain. Dr. Michaud also adjusts your extremities including your shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and hips if your injury is affecting alignment in these areas. Our initial goal is pain relief without medication. We use chiropractic care to reduce inflammation, eliminate pain and speed your healing. As your recovery progresses, we seek to increase your overall health so your body recovers quickly. This may include the use of nutritional guidance to provide your body with the best nutrients to heal. Our chiropractor also offers lifestyle suggestions to avoid future injuries and reduce your pain. These suggestions may include alternative ways to organize your desk, sleep, stand and perform household tasks.

Free Yourself From Pain With True Life Chiropractic

We want you to be free of your personal injury so you can return to an active lifestyle. Pain slows you down and our chiropractic solutions for personal injuries will help you recovery quickly. Please contact us if you are injured so we can prevent future complications. 

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