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See a Chiropractor in AnchorageTrue Life Chiropractic, your Anchorage, AK chiropractor welcomes you to recover and live in wellness with us if you've recently been injured or in pain

Welcome to True Life Chiropractic, your Anchorage chiropractor! We invite you to learn about our background and the healing services we offer. If you were recently injured or in pain, we look forward to helping you recover and live in wellness! 

About Our Chiropractor in Anchorage

As we like to say at True Life Chiropractic, "we got your back!" We are a family run business that has been proudly serving the Anchorage area for years and we hope to serve your needs. 

Our Anchorage chiropractor, Dr. Mike Michaud, promotes mind body wellness and healthy living principles while tailoring every service to the individual in need. We welcome anyone who was injured in an auto accident, sports game, or on the job. We also welcome patients who suffer a chronic disease or experience neck pain, back pain, sciatica, or carpal tunnel. 

With every new patient, Dr. Michaud takes a thorough health history and examination. Our tests focus on checking the alignment of the spine. When we find misalignment, we know this creates a range of physical and emotional stressors for the body. By correcting the misalignment, we help end the pain cycle and restore your physical wellbeing. 

Our Pain Relief Services

We start with chiropractic services to relieve your musculoskeletal aches and pains. Our gentle hands-on adjustments reduce inflammation and pain, restore spinal integrity, and promote nervous and immune system health. 

Once you are out of a pain crisis, we can begin introducing other services designed to improve your whole person wellness. We may make nutrition recommendations to boost your energy and speed healing, or suggest better lifestyle habits for a healthy life. We may give you a massage to loosen muscle tension and break apart scar tissue. Finally, we can demonstrate corrective exercises to restore your strength and mobility. With our complementary suite of services, we strive to help you live your fullest life. 

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Did you know we offer a free new patient consultation? Call today to reserve yours, learn how we can help you, meet us in person, and begin your healing journey. 

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