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Prenatal Chiropractic

Your Pregnancy Chiropractor in Anchorage AK Is Here to Helpanchorage prenatal chiropractor

As excited as you are about your pregnancy, you could probably do without the onslaught of pain and discomfort that accompanies it. Between nausea, back pain, chaotic hormones, swollen ankles, shortness of breath, and high blood pressure, you can probably use some pregnancy pain relief from a caring and compassionate prenatal chiropractic care from a pregnancy chiropractor in Anchorage AK. That is where we come in, and we are here and ready to give you some relief. Our Anchorage chiropractor, Dr. Mike Michaud, and our support team understand the strain that pregnancy causes on a woman's body, and we have plenty of therapeutic options to help.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care Benefits

You might not have ever considered the possible benefits of prenatal chiropractic care. You are probably too busy preparing for your new arrival. We hope you might review some of our pregnancy chiropractic care benefits to reassure you that scheduling regular appointments are good for you and your baby.

  • Pregnancy Pain Relief. You probably now understand the pain and discomfort that so many women have mentioned about their own pregnancy. Dr. Michaud's safe and gentle adjustments will help realign your spine back into place to provide pain relief to your pelvis and back.
  • Reduce Shortness of Breath. Relieving the pressure on your spine can do wonders in reducing nerve pressure and tension that can lead to shortness of breath.
  • Better Organ Function. Pressure on the lower thoracic, lumbar, and sacral nerves can lead to decreased blood flow to the kidney and liver. Inadequate functioning like this can lead protein leaking into the urine, which is a sign of preeclampsia.
  • Prepare for Contractions. You probably dream of ways that you can control the severity of your contractions. Your Anchorage chiropractor can help by relieving overall nerve tension.

We hope we get the chance to help relieve any pain you feel and make pregnancy a pleasant experience for you.

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