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Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain Relief in Anchorage

The neck is comprised of several small vertebrae collectively known as the cervical spine. The vertebrae begin at the base of the skull and meet up with the thoracic spine in the upper back. These bones and the muscles around them are responsible for supporting your head, which weighs about 12 pounds. The high range of motion in a healthy neck makes it possible to turn your head nearly any direction, but this flexibility makes your cervical spine susceptible to injury.

If you recently injured your neck or you suffer from a chronic condition, you need neck pain relief to restore your quality of life. Stop by True Life Chiropractic to see how our chiropractor in Anchorage AK, Dr. Michael Michaud, can help.

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Causes of Cervical Neck Pain

Dealing with cervical neck pain can get in the way of daily life. Learning the cause of your pain is the first step to finding the relief you seek:

  • Injuries and accidents: Playing football too rough and getting in a car accident are two common ways to injure your cervical spine. Neck strain and whiplash can heal faster with help from chiropractors in Anchorage.
  • Poor posture: Sleeping with an unsupportive pillow and spending hours at your computer desk can cause excess wear and tear on your cervical spine. If you kink your neck, our chiropractic clinic in Anchorage can help you heal quickly.
  • Spinal stenosis: This condition is when the passageways through your vertebrae narrow, trapping and squeezing nerve roots as a result. Symptoms include cervical neck pain and numbness that radiates into the shoulder and arm.
  • Osteoarthritis: This common joint disorder causes a progressive deterioration of cartilage throughout your body, including between the vertebrae in your neck.
  • Degenerative disc disease: Over time, a degenerating disc may bulge or herniate, causing chronic neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatments in Anchorage

You’ll be pleased to learn that neck pain treatments in Anchorage are available to combat a variety of conditions. Here’s what we offer at our chiropractic clinic in Anchorage:

  • Spinal adjustment: If your cervical spine is misaligned and pressing on nerves, a simple spinal adjustment performed by experienced hands can provide tremendous relief.
  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy: Special handheld instruments allow chiropractors in Anchorage to apply highly directed pressure without putting too much force on the spine.
  • Massage therapy: Muscle tightness is a common complaint. That’s why chronic neck pain treatment often includes massage therapy to loosen stiff muscles and help your body relax.
  • Therapeutic stretches and exercises: For help restoring a healthy range of motion, we may prescribe at-home neck stretches and exercises tailored to help your particular injury or illness.

Contact Our Chiropractor in Anchorage AK

At True Life Chiropractic, we are pleased to provide non-invasive, medication-free chronic neck pain treatment. Our goal is to help patients find neck pain relief in a natural way. To improve your quality of life with chiropractic care, contact our chiropractor in Anchorage AK today at 907-646-2225.

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